5 today – fruits along your way!

There is a growing awareness around the consumption of fresh fruits in the UK and people are now far more conscious about the benefits of consuming up to 5 portions of fruit every day. A poor national diet currently quite common across the UK, causes serious health problems with the primary consequence being weight gain and other related issues. The obesity rates in the UK are among the highest in the world and it is now a serious public health threat.

Our idea is to develop a retail chain of vending machines to sell fresh fruits and other healthy snacks in bus shelters, metrolink and tram stops, offices, business centers, fitness centers, hospitals, university campuses and other public areas across the UK.

Our vending machines are frequently re-filled throughout the day (up to 2-3 times per day). This guarantees that the product quality remains the best leading to utmost satisfaction of our consumers.

The owner and operating company of the project is Sky East UK Ltd.


Bus Shelters

Thanks to local friendly community (first of all, City Council and Stagecoach authorities), we were approved to start the project in Inverness, Scotland with 5 bus shelters in Central Bus stance.

Offices and other indoor areas

There are 2 specific points that put us aside from other vending operators:

1. We have wide assortment of fresh and healthy snacks - fresh fruits, fruits salads, berries, nuts, sandwiches, etc. To intensify sales the assortment is reasonably changing on weekly basis.

2. We share our revenue with the space owner.
We work on "hassle-free" basis for you. All what you need to do is to allow us to place our vending machines at your offices. Stock management, pricing, replenishing and any other activities connected to daily operations of the machines are under our responsibility.
We operate in Scotland and North of England (Manchester and surroundings) and looking for new paces here to expand.

Please feel free to contact us if you want to have our machine at your space.

Cooperating with us, you improve service for your staff and visitors as well as generating additional income for your organization.


For any other enquires:

To place an ad: 

Maxim Balakarev 

+44 7425 669 507

Email: maxim.balakarev@skyeast.co.uk

Ivan Belukhin

+44 7741 148 595

Email: ivan.belukhin@skyeast.co.uk



IV1 1PN, 20 Farraline court, Strothers Lane, Inverness, Scotland

Sky East UK Ltd.

VAT number: 184 0837 93

Registration Number: 8824299